Crediting on SMAU and Outside Credits

Crediting is Compulsory on Sailor Moon Artists United (SMAU)  

This means that we expect you to always credit everything you do not outright own or create yourself. We have a zero tolerance policy for copyright infringement or behaviors that appear to be or that we think may lead to copyright infringement.

Fanart and Copyright

Never claim you own Sailor Moon or any anime you use in a crossover. Always give credit back to Naoko Takeuchi for creating Sailor Moon. Not doing so will get your artwork removed OR you suspended/banned from the site. NEVER post an artwork that is not meant FOR YOU or created BY YOU.

Site Header CREDITS

Header image created from artwork by Drachea Rannak

Find Drachea here:

Work commissioned by Lantiis (site founder).


All the avatars used in the Award images are by Idzuno on deviantART and have been modified and used with permission.


Yes, all items are used with permission or following the request of the copyright holder.

Dream Mirror

Star Locket, Golden Dream Mirror, Super Computer

Pink Orb

Usagi in Cupcake

This cutie was commissioned by Lantiis (yes, me)

Starseed in Lotus and Pure Heart

Small edit to both made to see the “shine” lights on a white background.

Sailor Moon in front of the Moon

Small edit to add a pink glow so we can see the moon.

Silver Crystal: Flower Version

Small edit to add a pink glow so we can see the crystal.

Moon Chalice and Silver Crystal

Moon Kingdom

Crystal Tokyo

Items: Pluto’s Orb, Crystal Carillon, Holy Grail, Cosmic Compact

All from Lycentia’s Sailor Moon Page and downloaded via

Lycentia’s page is now closed and content usage is allowed with credit.

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Please use the “Support Center” for Copyright Issues or, to send a DMCA Takedown, use the Contact page.
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